002 Guidelines for safety and emergency preparedness training

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Due to the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus the validity of safety and emergency preparedness courses where prolonged until further notice. The prolongation ends on november 1st. For futher information, click here. 

New revision of guideline 002

A new revision of Norwegian Oil and gas guideline 002 - Recommended guidelines for safety and emergency response training has now been completed.

The revision is number 22 in the series, dated 19 October 2015. The changes are highlighted in the guidelines, under appendix A.

Norwegian Oil and Gas guideline 002 contains requirements for security and preparation courses that concerns work in Norway.

Important notice:

Please be informed that the Norwegian Oil and Gas does not approve any training providers outside of Norway. Training providers who offer Norwegian Oil and Gas certification following their basic offshore safety and emergency training and the refresher courses are not in any way endorsed by Norwegian Oil and Gas.

Norwegian Oil and Gas certificates issued by such providers will not be valid in Norway.

However exceptions are made according to the mutual agreement, (appendix B in the guideline) between Oil and Gas UK, Nogepa, Danish Operators and Norwegian Oil and Gas.

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Målfrid Rønnevik
Manager, expertise development


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