A technical information repository for operators, contractors and suppliers.
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About the service

EqHub gives access to pre-qualified, classified and quality assured information when needed.

EqHub provides a technical information library for standard equipment according to industry standards. Information is entered by the supplier, through a verification process. The validity of the documentation is guaranteed through an annual process that imposes the suppliers to verify that their documentation is updated and according to industry standards. If so, an EqHub certification is given to the relevant supplier and published in EqHub for relevant equipment documentation.


EqHub may be used as an internal product catalogue, in which products have been verified against common requirements. The equipment information is organized in classes.

Benefits for members throughout the supply chain:

  • Operators that use EqHub will benefit from a cost effective solution which results in improved quality of information, in a shorter amount of time
  • Contractors will reduce their effort in information expediting, compilation and delivery
  • Suppliers deliver information “once and for all”, which will reduce their delivery efforts significantly and give them a competitive edge due to reduced documentation costs

Currently all suppliers have free access to enter and review own information in EqHub. It is not required for suppliers to have a paid subscription plan to become an EqHub member.

Standard information requirements

How to get access

Step 1: Request access to the service

If your company is new to Norwegian Oil and Gas, complete the onboarding form.

When the onboarding form has been submitted, you will be contacted by the User Organisation Administrator from Norwegian Oil and Gas.

If your company is already subscribing to one or more services from Norwegian Oil and gas, contact your company's Contract Administrator towards Norwegian Oil and Gas, who will then log on to the self-care portal and request access to the service. If you don’t know who your company's Contract Administrator is, contact Norwegian Oil and Gas User Organisation Administrator at contracts@epim.no.

Step 2: Access, appropriate training and support
Will be completed in agreement with you as part of initial activities.

Contact information

Service Responsible Yngve Nilsen
scm-domain@norog.no | +47 920 54 152

Membership administration

General user inquiries and application support
support@eqhub.no | +47 23 26 13 94