Human Rights Assessment Service

A global service for sharing Human Rights (HuRi) assessments of suppliers in the energy sector.
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About the service

The purpose of the service is to assist in improving worker welfare in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and in line with the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organisation. In adition, the service makes supplier human rights assessments more efficient in the supply chain.

More specifically the service contributes to:

  • Set a common framework for human rights assessments of suppliers by standardising the assessment method and share results
  • Offer access to third party assessment services
  • Remove duplication of supplier assessments, making it simpler for suppliers to demonstrate compliance with human rights and reduce industry costs


A significant proportion of the value in the energy industry is created through activities performed by suppliers and sub-suppliers. It is important for the industry to be able to demonstrate respect for human rights. This work is simplified by establishing a common industry framework.

The framework includes mechanisms for continuous improvements. This is done through a process of independent assessments of the supplier’s management system and worksite performance towards internationally recognised standards as well as continuous collaboration to work on areas of improvement.

The supplier will then be able to demonstrate respect for human rights, which allow improvement opportunities to be identified and worked on during the execution of their contracts, with the ultimate objective of improving working conditions in the supply.


The service is supported by functionality in EPIM JQS, which entails the following elements:

  • Due diligence questions assessment to be conducted prior to award of an agreement
  • Due diligence questions verification to be conducted prior to award of an agreement
  • Possibility to make use of Norwegian Oil and Gas’ framework agreements with suppliers of verifications
  • A supplier register to store and share information about the assessments and the follow-up of the assessments

The service is categorized as a “non-basic” service in Norwegian Oil and Gas’ portfolio of services and solutions. This means that the user companies are collectively and equally responsible for all service cost, as defined by the annual HuRi service budget.

How to get access

All operators may be granted access to this service. Other companies are subject to the Reference Group's approval.

Privileges and access rights within EPIM JQS are controlled by the Company Super User.

If your company is new to Norwegian Oil and Gas, contact the Service Responsible at for more information.

Contact information

QHSE Domain and Service Responsible Svein Håkon Fjelltun | +47 988 99 442