ERA Acute Software

A software tool to assess and ensure acceptable environmental risk for offshore operations.
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About the service

The tool provides relevant visualization of the output results from the ERA Acute method, such as maps, graphs and tables.

The tool has applications for environmental risk management, such as a risk matrix, and it supports a spill impact mitigation analysis (SIMA) to evaluate that the best response is chosen to minimize impact of oil spills on people and the environment.


The ERA Acute methodology was implemented as industry standard for environmental risk assessment (ERA) on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in 2019. The ERA Acute software is developed to support this methodology.

ERAs are carried out with the purpose to assess and ensure acceptable environmental risk for oil and gas offshore operations, aiming to minimize the risk to the environment. ERA Acute has been developed by leading ERA experts, and provides the mean to evaluate the potential risk from an acute oil spill in the marine environment.

The ERA Acute method includes four environmental compartments:

  • The sea surface
  • The shoreline
  • The water column
  • The seafloor

How to get access

The service is available to operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and their suppliers of environmental risk assessments, based on the ERA Acute methode.

Contact the Service Responsible at for more information.

If your company is already subscribing to one or more services from Norwegian Oil and Gas, contact your company's Contract Administrator towards Norwegian Oil and Gas, who will then log on to the self-care portal and request access to the service. If you don’t know who your organisation’s Contract Administrator is, contact the User Organisation Administrator at

Contact information

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