A service for gathering and analyzing environmental discharge data.
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About the service

Since 1997 and according to the Pollution Control Act, the operator shall report emissions to air and discharges to sea from the petroleum activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in a predefined format. The initial solution EnvironmentWeb replaced spreadsheets and paper reports in 2003. In 2013 EnvironmentHub has replaced EnvironmentWeb for a more effective gathering and analyzing environmental pollution data.

EnvironmentHub is a national database for reporting emissions and discharges from oil and gas activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. It enables the industry to comply with regulatory requirements for environmental reporting. The improved work processes that are implemented ensure increased efficiency and better quality for analyzing release trends and evaluate the effects on environmental measures.

Guidelines and regulations

The Norwegian Oil and Gas’ guideline 044 has been prepared as an aid to reporting, going through the requirements of the environmental report and data tables that should be reported to EnvironmentHub. It serves as an extension of the requirements listed in Norwegian Environment Agency’s (NEA) M107 guideline and Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority’s guideline.

The requirements are anchored in the Pollution control act §49 and the Regulations relating to management and the duty to provide information in the petroleum activities and at certain onshore facilities §34.

How to get access

Step 1: Request access to service

If your company is new to Norwegian Oil and Gas, complete the onboarding form.

When the onboarding form has been submitted, you will be contacted by the User Organisation Administrator from Norwegian Oil and Gas.

If your company is already subscribing to one or more services, contact your company's Contract Administrator towards Norwegian Oil and Gas, who will then log on to the self-care portal and request access to the service. If you don’t know who your company's Contract Administrator is, contakt the User Organisation Administrator at contracts@epim.no

Step 2: Follow link to EnvironmentHub application

EnvironmentHub application

Contact information

Domain Responsible Svein Håkon Fjelltun
qhse-domain@norog.no | +47 988 99 442

Use the application's “Get help” functionality or see contact details at https://environmenthub.no/login.html#/contact-us.