Guide to Resource Regulations - Good governance

A search base for legal rules, regulations, guidelines, licensing and agreements related to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy's administrative area.
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Health, environment and safety-related rules and guidelines, as well as taxes are not included in the database.

At the request of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norwegian Oil and Gas has established the Guide to Resource Regulations - Good corporate governance. The service is developed by Norwegian Oil and Gas and is updated when necessary. All rights to the base belong to Norwegian Oil and Gas, which owns the content of the guide and the web solution.

The guide can be integrated into the member companies' internal systems for business management. The usese of the guide is open and publicly available, but any form of copying or other related exploitation requires the consent of Norwegian Oil and Gas.

Norwegian Oil and Gas is not responsible for errors or omissions that may appear in the guide or in associated documents, links or other references.

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