Norwegian Deepwater Programme

A cooperation programme on data acquisition and development research to ensure a coordnated approach for work of common interest and value.
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About the service

The Norwegian Deepwater Programme was founded April 1996 on the same scheme as used by licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in the period 1980-1994 (OKN-Operators North of 62°N). The deepwater licenses in Norway joined forces in order to carry out cost effective preparations for safe and efficient drilling and field development, mainly covering an area between 62°N and 69°N, from the continental shelf at 400 m water depth to the abyssal plain at approximately 2500 m.

The Norwegian Deepwater Programme was extended five times, before it was completed in September 2016.

Project Report - Executive summary

The principal objective of the report, which covers major events and conclusions, is to leave a document with the full technical descsription of the Norwegian Deepwater Programme’s accomplishments

Norwegian Deepwater Programme 1996 – 2016 – Summary report

Access to data from the Norwegian Deepwater Programme, reports and other information

It has been essential to save the results from the Norwegian Deepwater Programme for future exploration and field development activities in the deepwater areas. Therefore, in 2012 a major effort was performed to migrate all information to License2Share. License2Share is the official communication and archiving tool for administrative interaction between operators, partners and authorities for all licenses in Norwegian waters. Thereby, information from the Norwegian Deepwater Programme will be stored and kept available after closure of the programme.

The information stored in License2Share consists of reports and data, presentations, minutes of meetings, agreements etc. There are presently 279 users of the Norwegian Deepwater Programme in License2Share, located in oil companies and governmental authorities. These and future users will have access to License2Share, as each member company can register new users when needed.

Information from the Norwegian Deepwater Programme in License2Share is only available for users. If a user is not known, a License2Share SuperUser, which administers License2Share in each member company, can forward requests for reports. In general, data from the Norwegian Deepwater Programme are available for research purposes and a long range of publications are therefore available. In addition is a considerable amount of reports made public.

The official website was established in 1996 ( and the domain name were kept intact also after the re-organization in 2012. Linked to License2Share and Norwegian Oil and Gas, the Norwegian Deepwater Programme website are still maintained. The present website and the summary report gives general information on the Norwegian Deepwater Programme, its projects, lists of publications, report résumés, data, annual reports etc.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2010
Annual Report 2011
Annual Report 2012
Annual Report 2013
Annual Report 2014
Annual Report 2015