Collabor8 Subsurface

A service for receiving, validating, storing, analyzing and transmitting drilling and production reports.
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About the service

The operators of production licenses (PLs) and business arranged areas (BAAs) on the Norwegian Continental Shelf are obliged to report all types of business activities to the authorities according to Norwegian rules and regulations, and to their partners, as defined in their Joint Operating Agreements. In addition, most operators have to provide substantial reporting to their home offices and to regional and global organizations of special interests.

Collabor8 Subsurface provides a single point of interaction for operators to communicate reports both towards partners and authorities. In addition, it provides an instrument for easy extract of the exact data that is requested by the user. Information from all reports can be extracted and combined in many different ways. By this service, new possibilities are provided for both operators and partners, to easy view and analyze data across different fields and licenses.

A flexible knowledge base

Collabor8 Subsurface is a flexible knowledge base for receiving, validating, storing, analysing, and transmitting reports. The Collabor8 Subsurface solution currently supports the operators in sending the following reporting types based on standardized XML schemas:

  • Daily Drilling Reports
  • Daily Production Reports

Daily Drilling Reports and Monthly Production Reports (designed to meet the authorities’ requirements) will automatically be forwarded to the authorities. Based on the received XML reports for Daily Drilling, Daily Production and Monthly Production, ReportingHub generates standardized, readable PDF reports, which are automatically forwarded to the correct licence/business area arrangement in License2Share.

All received report data is validated and stored in the ReportingHub database. The operators and partners may download all reports.

PSAs “Drilling Reporting (DDRS)”
Oljedirektoratets ”Rapportering av produksjonsdata til Oljedirektoratet”

Training material

Training material for admin user
Training material for end-user

How to get access

Step 1: Request access to service

If your company is new to Norwegian Oil and Gas, complete the onboarding form.

When the onboarding form has been submitted, you will be contacted by the User Organisation Administrator from Norwegian Oil and gas.

If your company is already subscribing to one or more services from Norwegian Oil and Gas, please contact your company's Contract Administrator towards Norwegian Oil and gas, who will then log on to the self-care portal and request access to the service. If you don’t know who your organisation’s Contract Administrator is, contact User Organisation Administrator at

Step 2: Open for communication to Collabor8 Subsurface

The company’s firewall settings must allow communication to Collabor8 Subsurface. The helpdesk at can provide information on IP addresses, communication ports and web service url’s.

Step 3: Request user access to Collabor8 Subsurface

Contact Collabor8 Subsurface helpdesk at to get access to Collabor8 Subsurface.

The helpdesk will contact the registered access granter from your company to verify your request.

Contact information

Domain Responsible Magnus Svensson | +47 959 43 203