A service to simplifying identify and access management in the oil and gas industry.
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About the service

EPIM ID provides consolidated user accounts management and user authentication services across the whole service portfolio, and enables Norwegian Oil and Gas to deliver secure access services via Internet.

EPIM ID is built based on re-using existing products and services available on the market and is designed to support a possible extension and potential adoption by other non-Norwegian Oil and Gas applications.

As per today, the following services uses EPIM ID for authentication:

  • Collabor8 Subsurface
  • License2Share
  • LogisticsHub
  • Virtual Inventory


How to sign up with federation
How to sign up with Bank ID
How to sign up with Buypass Code
Countries where Buypass Code is available
EPIM ID Admin How to
EPIM ID Introduction (presentation)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Contact information

Service Responsible Alexander Tungesvik
operations@norog.no | 959 88 438

For problems with your EPIM ID account
Staff having problems with their EPIM ID account should contact the relevant application superuser or EPIM ID administrator in own company.