Plug & Abandonment Seminar 2017

18 October 2017, Quality Airport Hotel Stavanger
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The operators and service industry attended the 7th Norwegian P&A seminar.
  • Introduction and P&A Regulatory Updates
  • P&A Information
  • P&A Experience Transfer – Rig Less
  • P&A Experience Transfer – Rig Based
  • P&A Technology needs



03 Cost effective P and A -Technology needs - Mette Halvorsen Ottøy, Statoil.pdf

04 Regulatory Updates - Johnny Gundersen, PSA-20171022192327.pdf

05 Patent landscaping - an overview of patenting activity in a field og technology - Magnus Eriksson Patentstyret.pdf

06 PAF presentation – Revised RoadMap (2017-2020) - Martin Straume, PAF leader-20171022192328.pdf

07 Step change in rig site hazard exposure through risk-based design and execution- Lynda Nwike, Shell-20171022192328.pdf

08 The HydraWell PWC® technology – what is the next step - Morten Myhre, HydraWell-20171022192326.pdf

09 Field experience of alternative sealing materials and barriers - Paul Carragher, BiSN-20171022192332.pdf

10 Activated creeping shale to remove the open annulus - Erling Fjær, Sintef - Tron Kristiansen, AkerBP-20171022192329.pdf

11 The chief objective in a P and A operation placement of the barrier material - Lars Hovda, ConocoPhillips.pdf

12 Reinvent Section Milling, leave the swarf and save time - Bart Joppe, Baker Hughes-20171022192331.pdf

13 Fluid dynamicscsg design induced limitations for a P and A operation - Mathias Sagmo, M-I Swaco.pdf

14 Update alternative P and A barrier - Michael Skjold, Interwell.pdf

15 Barrier verification and leakage risk - Dave Gardner - Iris (1).pdf

16 Alternative method to verify cross-sectional barrier across dual casing without log - Roar Flatebø and Daniel Tomzack, AkerBP-20171022192332.pdf