Plug & Abandonment seminar 2011

The operators and service industry attended a one day workshop at Sola Quality Airport Hotel in Stavanger where the top challenges identified by P&A Forum vas presented and discussed. Download the presentations held at the workshop from this article.
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The P&A Forum was established in 2009 to develop robust and cost efficient solutions to the current & upcoming P&A challenges on the Norwegian Continental Shelf together with the service industry.

The main purpose of the workshop was to encourage the industry to solve the P&A challenges identified by P&A Forum.

These are:
- Improve conventional section milling
- Qualify alternative materials for annulus barrier
- Abandonment by light well intervention vessel
- Pulling tubing without rig
-Qualify alternatives to section milling, creating annulus barriers

Download list of participants


0 P and A workshop 09.06.11 - Welcome and Agenda - Final.pdf

1 PAF - Introduction of PAF.pdf

2 PSA - Survey of Temporary Wells.pdf

3 ConocoPhillips - Ekofisk P and A.pdf

4 HydraWell - HydraWash system to make Annulus Barriers.pdf

5 Weatherford - Dual String Section Mill.pdf

7 Sandaband - Non consolidating plugging material.pdf

8 AGR CannSeal - CannSeal annular isolation.pdf

9 NCA Solutions for Subsea PA.pdf

11 Rolls Royce - Next generation well intervention system.pdf