34th Joint International Meeting 2014

Please see the attached presentations from the 34th Joint International Meeting 2nd-4th June 2014. The 35th Joint International Meeting will be hosted by NOGEPA and held in Utrecht 1st -3rd June 2015
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01 Braut, learning from incidents.pdf

02 Dahle International Health presentation.pdf

03a Watts, Joint International Confernce.pdf

03b, Watts.pdf

04 Arve Lie, hearing loss noise.pdf

06 Gaarder, Utøya 2014.pdf

07 Evensen, Telemedicine in Statoil (med video).pdf

08 Kristensen, pregnant_workers_offshore_short.pdf

09 Knardahl, NorOG_WorkMuscskelDisorders_030614s.pdf

10 Kyvik, In Amenas oljelegemøte 040614.pdf

11a, Hjelle.pdf

11b Hildenbrand, Energy-Institute-HTC_StatusUpdate_JointInternationalMtg.pdf

11bb Milligan, Ageing literature review Norway 2014.pdf

11c Poelakker, Topicsnogepa2013-2014.pdf

13a Hellang, 2014 Health criteria for offshore work – Norway.pdf

13b Todnem, Educating petroleum doctors_totalmal.pdf